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The International Association of Student Surgical Societies (IASSS) is the official, pre-specialist affiliated society of the International Society of Surgery (ISS-SIC).

We represent a community of aspiring surgical care physicians (including surgical, anaesthetic and allied health professionals) at various stages of training. Our organisation is comprised of students, junior doctors, trainees and residents from across the globe.

The IASSS team aims to foster a pre-specialist passion for surgical care and to cultivate a passion for safe, equitable, accessible surgical care for all.

We are hoping to connect with more surgical enthusiasts by recruiting national delegates (ND) from each region in the following regions: Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, Middle East, North America and South America.

Each region has an appointed chapter lead who will look after the national delegates of the associated region.

This role involves the following responsibilities and duties:

  • Identifying student surgical societies at universities in your country
  • Encouraging student surgical societies to sign up as members of the IASSS, if they have not already done so
  • Creating a collaborative network of all student surgical societies in your country
  • Identifying universities in your country that do not have student surgical societies 
  • Exploring the need for these universities to establish student surgical societies and guiding them to do so

If you are successful in your application to become an ND you will be assuming the role for an 12 month period. All positions will be open from January 2023 till December 2023.

If you are interested in applying, fill in this form.

If you would like more information, contact our president at [email protected]

National Delegates by Region


Chapter Lead: Ahmed K. Awad


National Delegates:


Burundi: Ineza Nsabiyumva Fine

Kenya: Theophilus Barasa

Rwanda: Karangwa Verite Cyubahiro

Sudan: Abeer Hamid

Uganda: Richard Buule

Nigeria: Tofunmi Adegoke


Chapter Lead: Robert Jr. So


National Delegates:


Bangladesh: Asadur Rahman Nabin

India: Kathir Karuppiah

Malaysia: Robert Jr. So

Maldives: Ramitha Eshan Ruwanpathirana


Chapter Lead: Stefan Muntean


National Delegates:


Croatia: Karla Lužaić

Switzerland: Nina Steinmann

Turkey: Ali Emir Hamitoğlu

Serbia: Aleksandar Jovanović

Poland: Jia Jia Teo

Ukraine: Manu Sharan Srivastava

Georgia: Rajeeka Singh Tak

Middle East

Chapter Lead: Leena Aboidris


National Delegates:


State of Palestine: Asil Abualrob

Qatar: Leena Aboidris

North America

Chapter Lead: William Xochitun Gopar Franco


National Delegates:


Chapter Lead: Chekodi Fearnley-Fitzgerald


National Delegates:


New Zealand: Chekodi Fearnley-Fitzgerald

South America

Chapter Lead:


National Delegates:


Colombia: Juan Andrés Lozano Arce

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