Why get invloved?

If you’re an existing surgical society, being an active part of the IASSS has a number of benefits for your society and its membership:


Societal Activities

Exchange ideas regarding academic talks, skills workshops, conferences, shadow programs, anatomy workshops, surgical training etc. that will ultimately improve your society and the experience you offer your members.



An opportunity to develop connections with surgical societies across the globe.



An opportunity to develop international connections with surgical societies around the world in order to implement clinical and/or research electives in a vast range of surgical disciplines.



Display your research papers, share research ideas about surgical research topics and develop research interests in foreign countries/continents.



An opportunity to form long lasting relationships that will benefit you and your members with regards to future registrar/resident and fellowship posts.



Take part in the international movement to help other universities create surgical societies. If you’re at a university that does not yet have a surgical society, the members of the IASSS will help you start up a society of your own.

How to get involved

Any official student surgical society that has a web presence (either a website or a facebook group) will be added to the list of surgical societies on this site. This list will have a link to their website, facebook group and email address if these are available. There is no formal application process; however, only official societies affiliated with a tertiary academic institution will be accepted. If your existing society is not on the list already, please contact us with your details and we’ll add you.

You can also contact us via email:

President: Alex Scott ([email protected])

Secretary General: Sulé Burger ([email protected])

In addition to the website, the heads of each society will be contacted and invited to join the IASSS Facebook page, which will be the main method of communication and interaction between the members of the IASSS. The heads of the societies can then add their executive committees if they wish to do so. If you are the head of a society and not yet part of the Facebook page, please contact us so we can add you straight away.


This is an exciting and ground breaking initiative that will change the face of surgical training and international surgical correspondence.

Be a part of the future of surgery, join the IASSS!