The 2024 IASSS Committee is comprised of 5 levels
  • Board
  • Core Executive
  • Executive
  • Sub-Committee
  • Satellite Committees
The IASSS Board consists of permanent positions including the Secretary General, Councillor and Past President. Members of the IASSS Board are past presidents of the IASSS.


The IASSS Core Executive is made up of the President and the Directors. In 2024, six directors sit on the Core Executive:
  1. Director of Administration
  2. Director of Strategic Alliance
  3. Director of Surgical Education
  4. Director of International Relations
  5. Director of Brand Alignment
  6. Director of Academic Networking
Each Director overseas Managers who sit on the Executive and oversee respective sub-committees. These managers include:
  • Policy Manager
  • Administration Manager
  • Surgical Education Manager
  • Sub-Speciality Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Media Manager
  • Postgraduate Manager
  • Research Manager
  • Talks Manager
  • Workshops Manager
  • Partnerships Manager
  • Mentorship Manager
  • Chapter Leads (for 7 regions)
Satellite Committees are committees established by the National Delegates from each country and function to assist the National Delegates in the establishment and execution of activities and events for the IASSS Chapter in their country. Satellite Committees are chaired by the National Delegate and include various additional positions as stipulated by the Chapter’s constitution.