IASSS is searching for new Chapter Leads. Chapter Leads play a crucial role in IASSS executive meetings and decision-making as well as in IASSS capacity-building and events. Chapter Leads will be in direct contact with their region’s leaders in surgery and serve as liaisons and representatives of IASSS locally and regionally.

We invite applications from the following chapters:
– North America


Selection criteria for eligible applicants:

1. Applicants must be members of IASSS (sign up free now)
2. Applicants must currently be enrolled as medical students or working as doctors. Please submit proof of enrolment or employment with your application.
3. Applicants must make/ have made a significant impact in the field of surgery, surgical education or research in his/her region (e.g. Chairperson of a surgical society, leader of a surgical project at a local or regional level etc.)
4. Applicants must submit a Letter of Motivation: How do you plan to grow IASSS in your region?
5. Applicants must provide a reference letter from your Head of Department of Surgery or Dean of Faculty endorsing your application.

Selection is purely meritocratic.

We look forward to your applications and to working to together to bring the IASSS network to your region!

For more information, please contact [email protected]

To apply, click here.